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We are a team of professionally trained & certified Sommeliers curating a selection of exquisite Japanese alcoholic beverages. Having traveled extensively throughout Japan & personally visited over 100 sake & craft beer breweries, wineries & distilleries, we have forged deep relationships that grant us privileged access to some of the most sought-after & often cult brands. Many remain small, family owned businesses renowned for their exceptional craft and quality. To ensure freshness, we bring in very limited quantities across the 4 seasons & transport these beverages chilled from Japan to Singapore and straight to you.

Mama Knows Best
  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Ise Kadoya brewery 有限会社二軒茶屋餅角屋本店

    Discover the captivating journey of Ise Kadoya, a cherished legacy in the enchanting coastal region of Ise, Mie Prefecture, spanning back to 1575. Born as connoisseurs of Japanese sweets, nourishing pilgrims on their sacred quests, the story takes an intriguing twist in 1997. Meet Narihiro Suzuki, the 21st-generation visionary, who dared to dive into the world of craft beer.
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  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Gochoda Brewery 五町田酒造 (東一)

    Gochoda Brewery, established in 1922, is located in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture. The brand name, Azumaichi represents it’s aspirations to be #1 in the Orient. Azumaichi is a local sweetheart of the Saga area for its connection and dedication to the community and the land.
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  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Inoue Seikichi Shouten 井上清吉商店

    Embark on an enchanting voyage, offering you a privileged peek behind the scenes, providing intimate access to the profound craftsmanship, enduring ambitions, and the cherished heritage of Inoue Seikichi Shouten—a legacy steeped in tradition and dedication, dating back to 1868.
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  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Sugihara Shuzo 杉原酒造 (射美)

    Established in 1892 during the Meiji Era in the town of Ono, Gifu Prefecture, Sugihara Shuzo, the producer of the Ibi brand, is currently one of the smallest breweries in Japan. 4th and 5th generation brewers, the father and son, work side by side to produce their eternally authentic handmade sake.
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