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Forget About Champagne, discover the Sparkling Sake for the seasonal celebration!

  For a Sparkling sake to be designated as Tokutei Meishoshu(特定名称酒), which is specially designated sake rather than a Futsushu(普通種)), or classified as a regular sake which allows a certain level of additives, it cannot achieve its bubbles through added carbonation as that would be considered an additive.   Tokutei Meishosh) requires sake to be made with just a handful of ingredients and does not allow the addition of preservatives, sugar, carbon dioxide or other flavour enhancers.  Many of the sparkling sake beverages readily available which have increasingly become more known and popular, and cheap, are sake which are developed with added sugar and carbonation. In 2016, the Japan Awasake Association was established by brewers to develop standards and measurable...

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Wataribune - the Becoming of King of Sake Brewing Rice

When we become parents, we aim to raise children who surpass us, who achieve the goals we had always dreamed of achieving, who outshine us in all the ways that matter.   For many of us, we experience parenthood like passing the baton, we give our children everything we’ve got and then we fade off into the distance of history.  On occasion we, the aging parents, manage a comeback, find a way to achieve success later down the line.   Well, this story isn’t just synonymous with humans, it is even a tale known to the world of Sake rice.   Yamada-nishiki once became the medal winning, athletic, spelling bee champion, all around achieving child of its parents Wataribune (Tankan Wataribune, a variety...

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Season of Hiyaoroshi & Akiagari: the Aroma and Taste of Autumn

With the transitioning of Summer to Autumn in Japan, Japanese maple trees take on rusty red, mustard and ochre tones 紅葉, rice paddies turn golden with the harvest of plump and ripened rice, and the humidity of the tropical heat is replaced with a soothing chill. Seasons are ever so culturally important to the Japanese and with each comes new delicacies and traditions.  This season is not only a time when the new sake brewing year kicks off on October 1st, but it’s also when a highly anticipated style of Sake become available. Tis the season of the Hiyaoroshi ひやおろしand the Akiagari 秋上がり。These are batches of brews which have been laid to rest in a cool spot in the brewery...

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Deciphering Sake Labels - As Featured in Michelin Guide Singapore

"A well-curated sake list in any restaurant should have clear classifications on the types and grades of sakes. This is typically organised by the prefecture of origin when the range is sufficiently extensive. Having an understanding of the various grades of sakes and how that corresponds and translates to general taste profiles will provide you with a good framework to navigate most sake menus with ease." --------------------------- Epicurean Nomad's founder, Charles Ng, was recently featured in Michelin Guide Singapore on how to decipher sake labels.     To understand the intricacies of sake brewing and how to decipher the labels, read the article here.     

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