Unpasteurized Sake - "Namazake"


At Sakemama, we are proud to showcase many seasonal Namazake 生酒 from our breweries due to our 100% cold-chain shipping and sub-zero cold storage.

A favourite with Sake Aficionados - properly handled Namazake can be a real treat, very often lively with more ripe aromas, often chest-nutty and rich, with a touch of effervescence from the active enzymes, tasting the way a fresh pressed sake would, right after pressing.

How do you know if a sake is unpasteurised? Just look for the 生 character on the label.

Most sake are pasteurized twice, once after fermentation is completed and once at bottling. Without pasteurisation, many sake are susceptible to environmental changes, especially when there is major temperature fluctuation or light exposure.