SakeMaMa is one of Singapore's most popular online stores offering a fine selection of exclusive artisanal Japanese sake and craft beers from both Japan and Belgium.

At Sakemama, our mission is to connect you with the fascinating realm of premium Japanese craft beers & artisanal sakes.

Microbreweries scattered across Japan produce very limited quantities of exceptionally crafted sakes & beers. Brewing approaches & the use of local and seasonal produce (malt, rice, fruits) unique to each region and prefecture bring about inventive nuances to established beer styles & sakes varietals.

Through our nomadic adventures, we have secured limited allocation with several highly acclaimed microbreweries and we are delighted to bring these amazing sakes and craft beers to you, via our online store.

These craft brews have not been available outside Japan, until now.

Our entire selection of beers are uniquely unpasteurised (生) & are transported, chilled at between 0 - 5 degrees from the brewery in various parts of Japan to our chilled warehousing facility here in Singapore.

All beers are delivered in chilled trucks to our customers ensuring that the sakes & beers are well represented here in Singapore, as you would similarly enjoy them, at source, back in Japan!