A Mother's Love in a Bowl of Rice Porridge: Yuri's Childhood Memories

Growing up, Yuri's favorite dish was not an elaborate cuisine, but a humble rice porridge. Her mother often made it for her when she had a cold and had no appetite. The delicious soup, thinly sliced ginkgo radish, and beaten egg made it a simple yet satisfying meal. Even to this day, Yuri still craves it from time to time, a reminder of her mother's love and care.

While her mother's cooking was a source of comfort, Yuri's childhood was not without its challenges. Her mother was strict, partly due to her grandparents' lenient parenting style. Yuri was taught early on that crying was not acceptable once she learned to talk. Being an only child, her mother hoped that Yuri would learn to make friends and be less selfish. She was taught the proper manners of eating, such as how to hold chopsticks, which allowed her to eat fish with fine bones cleanly.