Yamawa Shuzoten


Annual Production
800 Koku (144,313L)

Yamawa Shuzoten was established in 1896 in Kami Town, Miyagi prefecture, when the founder, Kazubei Ito closed his family’s apothecary business and embarked on a new journey of sake brewing. Perhaps because of the family’s roots in healing, the philosophy was established that "medicine and food are one in the same." 

The brewery is particular about rice, using organically grown rice purchased by contract.  Yamawa Shuzoten strives to "brew sake that quenches thirst and soothes going down like water." Washigakuni, their flagship brand, has been around since its establishment, brewed by traditional methods, it has been long loved by the local community. 

山和酒造店は1896年、宮城県加美郡加美町で創業者の伊藤和兵衛が家業の薬屋を廃業し、酒造りに乗り出したのが始まりです。そのルーツからか、蔵元は "医食同源 "の考えのもと契約栽培の無農薬米を使用し、"水のように喉を潤す酒を醸す "ことを心がけているそうです。創業当時からの銘酒であるわしが國は、昔ながらの製法で醸造され地元の人々に長く愛されています。