• Antelope The Last Supper (500ml)
  • Antelope The Last Supper (500ml)

Antelope The Last Supper (500ml)


When ANTELOPE first ventured into crafting mead, they set out to infuse the essence of craft beer into their creation, The Last Supper. They employed the sour ale technique to achieve their desired flavour profile.

True to its name, The Last Supper delivers a bold sourness that lives up to its Japanese-inspired moniker, "Suppa," meaning sour when transliterated into Romaji. Despite its tangy character, hints of gentle honey sweetness linger amidst the acidity. It pairs exceptionally well with Chinese cuisine, offering a refreshing contrast of flavours that's not overly sweet but has just the right touch of sourness, similar to wine.

With its slightly hazy yellow appearance, this mead exudes a pronounced acidity on the nose, reminiscent of passion fruit, complemented by subtle honey undertones that develop over time. On the palate, it strikes a harmonious balance between firm acidity and bitterness, finishing in a delicate sweetness from the honey.

Traditional / Sparkling Sour Mead
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The acidity of The Last Supper comes from the lactic acid produced by a yeast called Lacancea.

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pure honey, barley malt
light yellow

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Recommended pairings
tempura | chicken tikka masala
Sweetness level 1 - 10
5 - semi sweet


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