Isojiman Shuzo



Isojiman Brewery, established in 1830, is located in Yaizu City, Shizuoka, where the Suruga Bay, Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji lie to the east and the Southern Alps can be seen in the north.  To the southwest, the Oi River flows in bringing excellent runoff water from the Alps, a water source exquisitely suited to sake brewing.

Around the year 1975 the brewery owner at the time made a commitment to brewing only high quality sake as a strategy for the brewery’s survival during a time when Japan was thriving economically and alcoholic beverages and cuisines from other countries were consumed more and more, and sake less and less. This commitment is carried out in several different ways including painstaking efforts to source top quality sake rice from famous rice growing regions in Hyogo prefecture as well as investments in refrigerated brewing facilities to ensure top quality brewing can be guaranteed.