• Miyakanbai Extraclass Gift set (3x180ml)
  • Miyakanbai Extraclass Gift set (3x180ml)

Miyakanbai Extraclass Gift set (3x180ml)


Limited to just 300 sets worldwide & only 30 here in Singapore, The Extra Class Series from Miyakanbai showcases Ultra Premium Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸 Sakes with a Rice Polishing Ratio of 35% & below.

Ginzui 吟髄 - 180ml
19% polished Brewery Cultivated Miyamanishiki rice.
This is Miyakanbai's primo Junmai Daiginjo. The aroma, a floral and lightly fruity bouquet. The palate is pure, bright and distinctive, possessing an elegance and clarity provided by polishing high quality Miyamanishiki to the minimal percentage of 19%.


Junrei Junka 醇麗純香 - 180ml
35% polished Brewery Cultivated Miyamanishiki rice.
Possessing an alluring yet delicate mouthfeel. On the palate, mellow and dense, combined with a texture reminiscent of fully ripened fruit, and an exceptionally bold and rich fragrance.

Shisui 至粋 - 180ml
35% polished Brewery Cultivated Miyamanishiki rice.
Seeking the purest and most unadulterated flavour, Kanbai Shuzo reserves the Extra Class Labels for their finest sake. The palate is like fresh fruit at the height of its season. The rich, deep palate of umami spreads in the mouth and slowly fades away, leaving a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

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Kanbai Shuzo 寒梅酒造

Kanbai Shuzo, the producers of Miyakanbai sake, are the only cultivation brewers in Miyagi prefecture. Cultivation brewers are those extra dedicated individuals who manage all processes of the creation of their sake starting with rice cultivation. Both rice farming and brewing are carried out in the endless countryside landscape of the Osaki Plain.Kanbai Shuzo cultivates four types of sake rice on their land, the Aikoku, Hiyori, Miyamanishiki and Yamadanishiki. 20% of their total sake production is made with their home cultivated sake rice and the remaining 80% is made exclusively with Miyagi grown rice from local farmers.