• Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi (1800ml)伯楽星 純米吟醸 ひやおろし
  • Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi (1800ml)伯楽星 純米吟醸 ひやおろし

Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi (1800ml)伯楽星 純米吟醸 ひやおろし

This sake has been stored for 6 months through Spring and Summer only to be released in the Fall, the standard for this seasonal style. True to the Hakurakusei brand, however, there is a fresh banana aroma and a freshness provided by it's citric acidity. A refreshing representation of a Hiyaoroshi indeed.
Crisp and Refreshing
Year Round
on the palate
Gentle nutty umami
on the nose
Tropical citrus notes
RPR (Rice Polishing Ratio)
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Posessing above average acidity and amino acids, this sake can best be enjoyed with a wide range of seafood, in particular, oily seasonal fish prepared in any number of ways.

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Kura no Hana
SMV (Sake Meter Value)
Water Source
Subsoil water from Zao Mountain Range

How to enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
Grilled silver skinned fish | Braised chicken and root vegetables and tofu
Serving temperature
Serving vessels


Niizawa Sake Brewing Company 株式会社新澤醸造店

The brewery has been a pioneer for rice polishing. Working with their local variety of sake rice, contract cultivated Kura no Hana, Niizawa accomplished a record-breaking polishing ratio of 7% in 2015 after 350 hours of slow polishing. They then carefully brewed the Zankyo Super 7 and matured it for 1 year at below 0 temperatures to create the first product of its kind on the market. Subsequently, the brewery has taken the challenge even further by polishing its Kura no Hana down to the pin prick of the core of the grain at a jaw dropping .85 percent, the polishing process taking 5297 hours and 34 minutes, approximately 7 straight months of polishing, in the machine. The Reikyo, qualified as having a 0 percent polishing ratio, is a triumph and the winner of the ultimate rice polishing competition.