• Nousaku KIKI 2 盃 - 喜器(きき)- 2
  • Nousaku KIKI 2 盃 - 喜器(きき)- 2

Nousaku KIKI 2 盃 - 喜器(きき)- 2


盃 - 喜器(きき)- 2

テーブルウェア  ぐい呑・片口  錫100%
Tableware - Sake Cup - Tin (100%)

Product code: 501260

Description: A 100% tin sake cup with a congratulatory name, suitable for celebrations and gifts.

Since ancient times, tin ware has been considered as an indulgent luxury, as it is resistant to rust and decay, making it popular as a gift for loved ones to be cherished & passed on for generations. 

You can expect to enjoy mellow & elegant sake as tin often clarifies & suppresses  the rough edges or off-flavours. 

Suitable for both professional restaurant & home use.

Size H34    φ61
Capacity 45cc
Box size H50 W79 D79
Weight (Including box) 150g
Material 100% tin
Box specifications Vanity case
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