• Nousaku Katakuchi S - Gold
  • Nousaku Katakuchi S - Gold

Nousaku Katakuchi S - Gold 片口 - 小 - 金箔


テーブルウェア  ぐい呑・片口  錫100%
Tableware - Sake Pitcher - Tin (100%)

Product code: 511220

Description: Gold leaf is intricately applied to the inside of the 100% tin katakuchi.

We collaborated with gold leaf, a traditional craft representing Kanazawa. The glossy gold leaf makes the sake even more appealing. It retains the flavor of sake and is perfect for daiginjo sake, which is especially preferred as a cold sake. The shape is simple and not too big, so it can be used as a dressing container or tableware. Since tin is soft and not suitable for machine work, each katakuchi is hand-finished by craftsmen in Kanazawa.

The luxurious finish is recommended for celebration seats and gifts.

Size H55 W128 D77
Capacity About 195cc
Box size H60 W85 D135
Weight (Including box) 310g
Material 100% tin, gold leaf
Box specifications Cosmetic box
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