Nagai Shuzo

永井酒造 (水芭蕉)


Nagai Brewery sits in the picturesque natural landscape of Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture.  Established in 1886 by Shoji Nagai who purchased the mountainous area dotted with rice fields, for its pristine natural spring water flowing from the Tone river and cold winters, an area perfectly suited to the production of fine sake.

In 1992, the brewery was reborn, and a new brand was introduced, Mizubasho.  The namesake comes from the endangered flower, the delicate white Mizubasho, which only grows in the region of Oze.  The focus of the new brand was placed on combining traditional brewing methods passed down from previous generations with newer improved brewing technology.  


1992年、蔵は生まれ変わり新しいブランド「水芭蕉」が誕生しました。水芭蕉は尾瀬にしか咲かない絶滅危惧種の花から由来しています。 新ブランドは、先代から受け継いだ伝統的な醸造方法に加え、進化した新しい醸造技術の融合に重点を置いています。