Tres Beau

ドメーヌ ボー


In the heart of Toyama Prefecture, amidst rolling hills and surrounded by majestic mountains, lies Domaine Beau, a winery born out of passion and perseverance. Founded in 2020, this young establishment has already made waves in the world of winemaking, with their “Aroma Chardonnay from Takayama Village 2022” earning a coveted gold prize at the JWC 2023.

Nestled in an area traditionally unsuitable for grape cultivation, Domaine Beau defies the odds, harnessing the unique microclimate of Toyama Prefecture to produce grapes with unparalleled acidity and flavour. Despite the challenges of abundant rainfall and scarce sunshine, Domaine Beau's vineyards, spanning 14 hectares, flourish with 13 carefully selected grape varieties, including the renowned Merlot and Chardonnay.