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Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo SUI (720ml)
Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo SUI (720ml)

Mizubasho 水芭蕉

Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo SUI (720ml)

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水芭蕉 純米 大吟醸 翠

永井酒造株式会社, 群馬県
Nagai Shuzo, Gunma

* International Wine Challenge 2016, Gold Medal - Junmai Daiginjo Category

* Served on Singapore Airlines First Class & Suites

Tasting Notes: It reminds one of the flavor of the Mizubasho flower, capturing your heart with its pure, soft nose. Enjoy the fragrance of white peach, and european pears when served out of a wine glass.

alcohol アルコール度数 15.0%
rice 原料米 yamadanishiki 山田錦
semaibuai 精米歩合 50%
smv 日本酒度 +2
acidity  酸度 1.3