• Kuroushi Junmai (1800ml)
  • Kuroushi Junmai (1800ml)

Kuroushi Junmai (1800ml) 黒牛 純米酒


The flagship of Nate Sake Brewing, the Kuroushi Junmaishu is layered, textured and offers great versatility when it comes to food pairing. Its soft & calm aromas and gentle umami compliments a wide variety of cuisines & can be enjoyed both chilled and warm.

rustic and classical
year round
on the palate
umami with mild astringency
on the nose
rice bran and chestnut
RPR (Rice Polishing Ratio)
50% - 60%
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This unassuming Junmai is your go to every day food pairing sake, supple umami within every sip of this sake highlights the umami hiding in every bite.

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yamadanishiki + brewer's blend
SMV (Sake Meter Value)
Water Source
soft water from the well of nakagoto shrine, famously known for holding 'kuroushi's water'. & subterranean soft water that springs from the brewery-well
kumamoto no.9

How to enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
grilled salted fish | unagi kabayaki
Serving temperature
35°- 45°
Serving vessels


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Nate Shuzo 名手酒造

Since the beginning of the Ginjo craze in the 1980’s, Nate Shuzo has maintained a strong focus on small batch, quality brewing in line with the demand for high quality, hand crafted sake. The backbone of Kuroushi Sake is its exceptional and sacred water, drawn from the well of the Nakagoto Shrine just 100 meters from the brewery. The mineral content of this soft water is ideally suited for strong fermentation and results in sake high in umami amino acids. Also important to the quality of the Kuroushi sake brand is its commitment to contract rice farming to ensure its ability to brew with high grade Yamadanishiki sake rice, sourced from the most famous rice growing areas in Japan.