• Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Vineyard Private Reserve 2022 (750ml)
  • Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Vineyard Private Reserve 2022 (750ml)

Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Vineyard Private Reserve 2022 (750ml) 甲州 鳥居平畑 プライベートリザーブ 2022


Katsunuma, positioned at the eastern end of the Kofu Basin, stands as Japan's premier Koshu-producing region. Its alluvial fan landscape and well-drained soil have nurtured viticulture for centuries, bestowing a distinctive character upon its vines.

The Toriibira district, held in high esteem by owner Shigekazu Misawa, graces a southwest-facing slope at 450 meters altitude, renowned for its ideal grape ripening conditions. Grapes cultivated here naturally yield smaller, concentrated bunches, elevating Toriibira's prominence throughout history.

The gravel-enriched soil ensures impeccable drainage, resulting in wines characterized by intense fruitiness and structural integrity. Each grape undergoes patient maturation, hand-harvesting, and protection from rain under carefully placed umbrellas.

"Toriibira Vineyard Private Reserve" Koshu blends grapes from Toriibira with select lots, fermenting in neutral French oak barrels and maturing in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine exudes soft, refined acidity, complexity, and a lingering finish.

grape varietal
on the palate
soft and complex
on the nose
yellow peach and cloves
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Expressing elegance and power, a rich aromatic profile of fruit; yellow apple, yellow peach, and pear fruit, as well as spice and toasty white pepper. The attack is round and dry, with a mellow acidity. On the palate, the fruitiness is as luscious as the aroma followed by an immensely enjoyable long finish.

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Production area
katsunuma, yamanashi prefecture
limited year-round

How to Enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
8 - 12 °c
Serving temperature
white wine glass
Serving vessels
grilled nodoguro | kinmedai | octopus carpaccio


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