Champagne paired with fresh Oysters - well loved by many!

But Japanese Sakes with Fresh Oysters?

While it hasn't quite caught on here in Singapore yet, Oyster Bars in Japan have been offering Sakes & it's often now the choice of tipple for many, as they slurp down unctuous morsels of freshly shucked Japanese oysters!

Sommelier Joan picked out 2 recommendations that makes for a divine pairing with Japanese Sashimi-grade Oysters. These oysters are now available through Japanese Grocers, Zairyo & Kodawari.

The high levels of amino acids & relatively more restrained acidity profile in Sakes as compared to Champagnes, works its magic in elevating the distinct salinity of fresh oysters & accentuating its natural sweetness.

→ Sawahime Junmai Ginjo Premium has a fresh bouquet of granny smith apples & light citrus. Very lively on the palate with generous umami balanced with fresh tropical fruit & salinity that makes for a great marriage with plump, juicy and fresh oysters!

→ IBI Blue Muroka Namagenshu hails from Nano Brewery, Sugihara Shuzo in Gifu. With an allocation of just 120 bottles for Singapore each brewing year, this Unpasteurised & Undiluted sake offers a a generous creamy mouthfeel on entry. Paired with fresh oysters, the voluptuous flavours of the sake rings up the salinity of the oysters for a most gratifying experience.

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