Sumikawa Brewery

澄川酒造 (東洋美人)


Having just reached its 100 year old mark, the Sumikawa Brewery was first established in 1921 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi prefecture, along the southwestern coast of Japan’s main island. 

Mr. Takafumi Sumikawa, the 4th generation Kuramoto, was someone who was sure of his path to brewing.  He studied at the Brewing department of Tokyo Agricultural University and trained at the Takagi brewery even while he was still a student under the tutelage of Mr. Takagi Akinori, the makers of the ever popular Jyuyondai brand.  He joined his family’s brewery thereafter, and became both Kuramoto and Toji.  Mr. Sumikawa is considered a top brew master of his generation. 

創業100年の節目を迎えた澄川酒造は1921年、本州の最西部山口県荻市にて創始しました。四代目となる澄川貴史氏は、酒造りの道を確んできた人物です。 東京農業大学醸科でび、在中より高木酒造で高木昭典氏の指導を受けながら修行を積んできました。 その後、家のに入り、蔵元と杜氏を兼任するようになった 澄川さんは代きっての杜氏です。