Sato Shochu Seizoujo



Sato Shochu Seizoujo is a shochu distillery in northern Miyazaki prefecture, Nobeoka city. Nobeoka city flourished as a castle town and is also famous as the home for Japanese mythology. Sato Shochu Seizoujo unveiled their distillery in 1905 when village councilor, Mr. Matsutaro Sato delved into his relative romanticism in producing authentic shochu on the banks of the revered river Houri, integrating local community and its cultural climate. 

The distillery is not only blessed with a narrative history but also serves rich in natural resources. Nobeoka city sits on the river Houri, the place which Hourinomikoto, a God in Japanese mythology allegedly took his first bath soon after he was born. Making outstanding shochu takes astonishing attention to water as well as choosing perfect resources. The distillery selects the finest two-rowed barley from local farms, later hand-processing to create exclusive wheat malt.