Rokkasen Shuzo is situated in the town of Kitamuraya in the mountainous region of Yamagata prefecture.  Now nearly 50 years old, Michinoku Rokkasen began as a joint venture between 5 breweries in the area with the mission to join skills and resources in making high quality regional sake.  

In 2020 the company became the Rokkasen Sake Brewing Company and began manufacturing Sake under several different labels including Temahima and Hitotoki Sparkling.  The brewery places great importance on the raw materials used to create their brews and maintains a strong commitment to the use of local Yamagata grown rice such as Dewa San San and Dewano Sato.


2020年に株式会社六歌仙として設立し、「手間暇」「ひとときスパークリング」など複数のラベルを製造するようになりました。 酒造りは原料を重視し、「出羽燦々」や「出羽の里」など地元山形産の米を使用することにこだわりを持っています。