Miyazaki Hideji Beer



Miyazaki Hideji Beer is a brewery that truly practices what it preaches. As per their slogan, “Think Global, Brew Local”, Kurikuro, a locally bred chestnut-infused imperial stout beer produced by Miyazaki Hideji Beer, won first prize in World Beer Award held in 2017. Kurikuro not only won first prize in World’s Best Stout/Porter in the Style Division but also in World’s Best Flavoured Stout/Porter in the Category Division. 

Situated in the beautiful foothills of Mt. Mukabaki in Miyazaki prefecture, Miyazaki Hideji Beer endeavours to deliver high-quality products using granite-refined mineral water and yeast produced at their in-house factory. 

With flexible and broad perspectives, Miyazaki Hideji Beer continues to pursue superior quality – the brewery hopes to expand the scale of its business across the globe with a central base in Miyazaki, built upon solidarity and joint achievement among the community and beer artisans.

宮崎ひでじビールは、Think Global, Brew Localをスローガンに掲げ、まさに有言実行を果たしています。2017年に開催されたWorld Beer Awardにて宮崎ひでじビールがプロデュースする宮崎産栗を原材料に使用したインペリアルスタウトビール「栗黒」が1位を獲得。スタイル部門のスタウト/ポーターだけでなく、カテゴリー部門のワールド ベストフレーバースタウト/ポーターにも選ばれました。