• Nousaku Kuzushi - Yure - S- Gold
  • Nousaku Kuzushi - Yure - S- Gold

Nousaku Kuzushi - Yure - S- Gold 小金箔


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テーブルウェア ぐい呑・片口 錫100%
Tableware - Sake Cup - Tin (100%)

Sake Cup - KUZUSHI-YURE S (Gold)

Tin, the most expensive metal after gold and silver, is soft and malleable. It is normally mixed with other metals in products to increase its hardness, but Nousaku uses 100% tin. It may be a counterintuitive concept, but this idea allows us to accomplish the creation of unique products which can be bent and used. Though tin resembles silver in its whiteness, it does not rust nor tarnish easily. Also, pure tin is significantly antibacterial and safe for serving foods, therefore making it a suitable material for tableware or accessories. In Japan, it has been said that tin removes the bitterness from Japanese sake as well as other beverages.

size H45 φ67
capacity About 95cc
Box size H50 W79 D79
(Including box) 174g
material 100% tin, gold leaf
Box specifications Cosmetic box
Design Makoto Koizumi

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