Wakatsuru Shuzo



Wakatsuru Shuzo is the monopoly whisky producer in the Hokuriku Region, North-western Japan, established in 1862 by a family of wealthy farmers. Toyama prefecture, where the brewery is located, is engulfed by the Tateyama Mountains with a 3,000m altitude and Toyama Bay with a depth of 1000m. This 4000m altitude difference embraces a perfect climate for producing whisky, as the region unfolds fantastic transition of the season in addition to its relatively moist climate throughout the year. Wakatsuru Shuzo uses spring water that wells up from the Toyama ground for brewing, which is one of the top 100 waters in Japan known as Uriwarishouzu, translating to water so icy that when a melon is soaked inside, it can even split open the fruit. Such geography and climate conditions are well suited for producing whisky that is appreciated by many. 

Mr. Takahiko Inagaki, an innovative fifth generation of Wakatsuru Shuzo has been unfolding his whisky-brewing journey towards continuous improvement. Mr. Inagaki has revived Wakatsuru Shuzo to becoming into a distillery of prominent presence on the Japanese whisky scene.