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Yamamoto Extra Dry Dokara (720ml)

Yamamoto 山本

Yamamoto Extra Dry Dokara (720ml)

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山本 極度辛口 ど辛

山本合名会社, 秋田
Yamamoto Gomei, Akita

Tasting Notes: The driest sake within the Yamamoto line-up, the flavors of melons & hints of steamed rice gradually spread across your palate.

It ends with a dry & refreshing sensation and pairs well with a wide range of cuisines.

alcohol アルコール度数 15.0%
rice 原料米 Fukuhibiki ふくひびき
semaibuai 精米歩合 65%
smv 日本酒度 +15
acidity 酸度 1.7