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Takata no Yume - Dream Ale (6-Pack Set)
Takata no Yume - Dream Ale (6-Pack Set)
Takata no Yume - Dream Ale (6-Pack Set)

IwateKura いわて蔵

Takata no Yume - Dream Ale (6-Pack Set)

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ABV 5% | Wheat Ale | 330ml

岩手, Iwate

This 6-pack set comes with 6 x 330ml bottles.

"Sekinoichi" - means making the people of the world happy - the brewery was conferred the name by Prince Kotohito when he visited the brewery.

This brewery is truly prolific when it comes to infusing flavors into beers. Their Sansho Peppercorn Beer & Oyster Stout was judged World's Best at the World Beer Awards.

Takata no Yume (Dream) is also the name of the rice varietal, which is native to the city of Rikuzentakata City in Iwate. Revived in 2012, after being dormant for 25 years, this varietal is highly resilient and suitable to be farmed organically without pesticides.

This wheat ale has infusions of rice, yuzu & ume, with delicate nuances unfolding with each sip.