• KojiMoji Sake Matsterclass
  • KojiMoji Sake Matsterclass

KojiMoji Sake Matsterclass

Date: Friday December 2nd, 2022
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Participation Fee per Person: $80
Perks: Receive a $30 rebate for purchases above $150
Location: 1557 Keppel Road, #02-07 Singapore 089066
1. The unexpected charms of rice-polishing ratio.
→Are expensive sake always better?
→The common assumption that low-polished rice tastes better.

2. What sake is good for Singapore's hot weather? Nama or Non-nama? →The surprising difference between Nama (pasteurized) vs. Non-Nama (non-pasteurized) sake.
→The depths of wonder to be found in the two different types of sake.

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