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Hourai Chogin Shizuku | DAIGINJO 180ml
Hourai Chogin Shizuku | DAIGINJO 180ml

Watanabe Shuzo

Hourai Chogin Shizuku | DAIGINJO 180ml

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Monde Selection - Gold Medal (13 Years Consecutive Winner), Daiginjo Category

Tasting Notes

Complex, full bodied and yet, immensely balanced, where the burst of fruit-driven & savoury flavours taper off with a moderately dry & clean finish.

This Super Daiginjyo is made using the expensive Shizuku method with long term, low temperature aging, resulting in deep, rounded flavours with excellent structure and clean flavours of premium grade Yamadanishiki rice.

Brewery: Watanabe Shuzo, Hida, Gifu 蓬莱 超吟しずく 
Type: Daiginjo
Alcohol: 15.5%
Rice: Yamadanishiki 山田錦
Rice Polishing: 35%
SMV: +5
Acidity: 1.2