Grace Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019 (750ml)
Grace Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019 (750ml)
Grace Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019 (750ml)

Grace Wine 中央葡萄酒株式会社

Grace Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019 (750ml)

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キュヴェ三澤 明野甲州

* No chemical fertilisers & pesticides
* Minimal intervention: Spontaneous fermentation - no yeast addition

Tasting Notes: This special limited production flagship wine uses only grapes grown with the meticulous attention of Shigekazu Misawa, the owner of Grace.

Following trial cultivation started in 1990, we implemented Vertical Shoot Positioning for Koshu at Misawa Vineyard in 2005. Current size has reached 4 hectares.

Compared with those grown on conventional pergolas, Koshu from the Misawa Vineyard has smaller berries, higher sugar content (about 20%), and different organic acids composition. In fact, after spending several years looking into its composition, it became clear that Koshu from the Misawa Vineyard contained higher quantities of malic acid than those grown elsewhere.

Malolactic fermentation is a chemical reaction in which lactic acid bacteria breaks down the sharper malic acid and turns it into the softer lactic acid. It is a fermentation that goes well with red wine and Chardonnay, but for a long time it was thought to be unlikely to occur in Koshu, which has low malic acid.

However, in 2017, malolactic fermentation happened naturally in one of our test barrel. It was a moment of enlightenment into the mystery of the microorganisms that show their power only on the malic-rich Koshu from the Misawa Vineyard.

We also practice “massal selection”, which gives us vines that produce higher sugar content, smaller bunches and smaller berries from the winemaker’s perspective.
Instead of relying on fermentation techniques, we want to express the characteristic “sense of place” of the Misawa Vineyard.

In 2020, we became the first Japanese winery licensed to manufacture fermentation mash in the vineyards. This is an effort towards culturing indigenous yeasts attached to the grapes for winemaking.

In 2014, although “Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu” won the first gold medal for Japanese wine at the world’s largest wine competition, it continues to evolve as a prove to the yet-to-be discovered potential of Koshu.


alcohol アルコール度数 11.5%
grape varietal ぶどう品種 Koshu 甲州種
Vintage 2019