Seasonal Summer Collection & New Arrivals

It's Summer Time in Japan! 
Yes, we are all feeling nostalgic for our trips to Japan where we could soak up the uniquely Japanese seasonal experience.
Summer in Japan means humid and scorching days, slurping cold noodles, eating ice cold watermelon, summer festivals full of people dressed in stylish summer kimono and snacking on delicious foods on a stick and firework shows by the river.
Japanese smoldering Summers mean that ice cold drinks are the best remedy for intensely humid heat and along with this craving for thirst quenching beverages comes summer release sake.
Natsuzake is a brewery’s special summer label, often unpasteurized and generally characteristically crisp, refreshing and especially fragrant and delightful. It’s the perfect way to get yourself into the summer mood, even if you can’t hop on a plane and join in on the summer festivities. We can make our own here, in the safety and comfort of our homes. We have the climate right, at least.
Sake Mama is proud to offer a delectable range of summer sakes that are perfect for the warm, humid days here in Singapore.