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Season of Hiyaoroshi & Akiagari: the Aroma and Taste of Autumn

With the transitioning of Summer to Autumn in Japan, Japanese maple trees take on rusty red, mustard and ochre tones 紅葉, rice paddies turn golden with the harvest of plump and ripened rice, and the humidity of the tropical heat is replaced with a soothing chill. Seasons are ever so culturally important to the Japanese and with each comes new delicacies and traditions.  This season is not only a time when the new sake brewing year kicks off on October 1st, but it’s also when a highly anticipated style of Sake become available. Tis the season of the Hiyaoroshi ひやおろしand the Akiagari 秋上がり。These are batches of brews which have been laid to rest in a cool spot in the brewery...

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