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Forget About Champagne, discover the Sparkling Sake for the seasonal celebration!

  For a Sparkling sake to be designated as Tokutei Meishoshu(特定名称酒), which is specially designated sake rather than a Futsushu(普通種)), or classified as a regular sake which allows a certain level of additives, it cannot achieve its bubbles through added carbonation as that would be considered an additive.   Tokutei Meishosh) requires sake to be made with just a handful of ingredients and does not allow the addition of preservatives, sugar, carbon dioxide or other flavour enhancers.  Many of the sparkling sake beverages readily available which have increasingly become more known and popular, and cheap, are sake which are developed with added sugar and carbonation. In 2016, the Japan Awasake Association was established by brewers to develop standards and measurable...

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